In his keynote address at the Music Without Borders

2016 Concert, Dr. James Orbinski, who accepted the Nobel Peace Prize for MSF in 1999, explored the overlap between music and humanitarianism, and explained how each is an expression of commitment towards excellence, beauty, love and a world without borders:


What is the most powerful and effective way to create change? At Music Without Borders, we believe that it is through a network of diverse and motivated volunteers each contributing their unique talents and backgrounds in the spirit of service, rather than through competition or top-down leadership. The project goes beyond borders—from artistic genres or disciplines, to schools, countries or cultures. Our network of musicians, designers, programmers, filmmakers, writers, friends and mentors spans many different communities around the world. Ultimately, we want to show that youth can move the world through service.

Want to hold a Music Without Borders fundraising event in your school or local community? Contact us and we can help you get started! You can also visit MSF’s fundraising page for some great ideas.


We are calling on young musicians around the world to submit musical recordings to be featured in a series of MWB podcasts. As well, we are calling on youth writers, artists, filmmakers, programmers, and composers to submit original work on the following themes to be featured on our online platform: humanitarianism, the power of the arts, one world, service, and youth action. Click here for details.

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