We are a group of youth - students, artists, designers, musicians, programmers, writers and friends - from many different backgrounds and places. Music Without Borders is a collective youth project that engages talents from various disciplines to show the truth that youth can move the world through service.



I am a grade 9 student at UTS, and have always felt it was important to help those who may not enjoy the privileges or standards that we have in Canada. I am a pianist and

a bit of a composer, and I currently study under Yaroslav Pugach, former professor at the St. Petersburg Conservatory and University of Seoul. Music is a very important aspect of my life, and I think that promoting music while achieving the goal of helping others is a great, note-worthy idea. I wrote letters to help get corporate sponsors, as even a small contribution from them helps not only our cause but also the growth of individual-corporate unity in the fight against Ebola. I am glad that I can contribute while spreading love for music. Indeed, as Rachmaninoff said “music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music.”



The Ebola Crisis has claimed over 10,000 African lives.

I have always believed that when people are suffering, we should do all that we can to alleviate their suffering

in whatever way we can. This concert provides me with an opportunity to contribute to this cause. I will share a song from the ancient Carnatic Music tradition. Carnatic Music is an ancient Indian Classical art form that is deeply rooted in Indian culture and heritage. The great Carnatic composers used music as a vehicle to express their thoughts and as a result, many of these songs can contain some very profound messages. By sharing some of India’s rich heritage with you through Carnatic Music,

I hope to spread love, so that we can all reach out and help those who are in need. By being a part of Music Without Borders concert, I hope to contribute by raising awareness and funds to help fight for this noble cause.



Hi, my name is Anika, and I am currently a grade 9 student at the University of Toronto Schools and a grade 10/ARCT pianist. I am one of the organizers of the concert and will also be performing. Music has always played an important role in my life, as it has for many other youth around Toronto. I see this concert as a wonderful opportunity to showcase these young musical talents, while supporting an important cause.



Hi, I’m Ashley, a student at University of Toronto Schools. I’m going to be performing at the concert; I also manage social media for the organization. I’m helping out with this event because it celebrates the musical talents of today’s youth, while supporting and raising awareness for a great cause. Music is a universal language, shared throughout the world - without borders. Medicine is similar, there can be no limits as to whom it is shared with; Doctors Without Borders’ commitment to this concept inspires the future generations to be global citizens through service - one note at a time.


Bakudan Taiko

Bakudan Taiko is a group of University of Toronto School (UTS) students ranging from Grades 7-12. Led by UTS alumnus Anthony Lee, this growing group has performed at UTS concerts, the 2012 Kiwanis festival and Showcase of Stars Concert, as well as winning the platinum award.



The idea of Music Without Borders came when my

piano teacher suggested my brother, Jay, and I do a recital. This was at a time when the Ebola crisis in West Africa was getting lots of attention, so I decided to turn the recital into a benefit concert for MSF. I told my piano teacher, and she got some of her other students that

go to my school, UTS, to perform, and it just evolved from there, as we got all of our friends to help out. Throughout this project, I've mostly been planning and organizing the various components of the project. I'll

also be playing the a solo piano piece and a duet with

my brother in the concert. See you there!



Hi, my name is Cale Waldheim. I am Canadian American and have been Benn’s friend for many years. I did the graphic design for Music Without Borders. As graphic designer I have created many things for the concert

such as the logo, website design, concert program, ticket design, and much more. I am honored to have been able to help with Music Without Borders, and have learned a lot while helping it. I never expected that a group of students could make such a great difference in the world but I’m glad that I was able to help.


Chamber Strings

The UTS music department has often assembled a chamber string ensemble for certain events, like the Open House in the fall. Last school year, The strings teachers Mr. Royer and Ms. Shugarman decided to

make Chamber Strings into one of the regular performing ensembles at UTS. The members are advanced and dedicated string players - all grades

are eligible.



Hi, My name is Cyrus, and I’m from Vancouver, B.C. I decided to start helping with Music Without Borders when Benn told me he was doing a project to help Doctors Without Borders, and there was a battle against Ebola in West Africa. Knowing about Ebola from the news, I knew that it was a deadly disease that killed thousands of people so far. My sister (Sahara) and I decided to help by making a “Draw my Life” themed video, supporting Music Without Borders, an also by making the game “Flappy Ebola”. Overall, I really hope all of our efforts will result

in a good cause!



My name is Donna Oh. I am 14 years old and I am a student at the University of Toronto Schools. I am also

a cellist at the Toronto Symphony Youth Orchestra and

a student at the Young Artist Performance Academy in the studio of Paul Widner. Music Without Borders is a fundraising concert to help with the Ebola outbreak

and I am very willing to help the people in need. In

order to do this I am trying to raise more awareness

by advertising: putting up posters around music departments, selling tickets, posting on social media etc.



Edward Tian is another proud member of Music Without Borders, a diverse group of students stemming from multiple backgrounds. He joined the organization in December and participated in the original drafting of

the organizations’ strategic plans. His hope for Music Without Borders is to generate community involvement and local awareness on youth related initiatives. During the fundraising season of Music Without Borders Edward wrote letters to City politicians, sent an invitations to the UTS principal and gave business sponsorship letters to a local yogurt shop. Music Without Borders is fueled by the actions of individual members; Edward will continue to be a link in making this event a success.



Emma Meinrenken made her Toronto Symphony Orchestra debut at the age of 10, and has since performed as a soloist with many North American orchestras. Emma has won awards in many national

and international competitions, including 1st place at

the 2013 Stradivarius International Violin Competition

in Utah and the grand prize at the 2013 Federation of Canadian Music Festivals Competition across all instrument categories. Her performance with Utah Symphony this summer was met with rave reviews.

This year, Emma was also chosen as one of the “30 Hot Canadian Classical Musicians Under 30” by CBC Radio, and was selected to represent Canada at the APEC international summit held in Beijing. Emma has performed in master classes with many internationally acclaimed violinists and is also an avid chamber musician.



My name is Jackson, I’m sixteen, and I’ll be playing the trumpet. Through Music Without Borders, I am helping reach out to people and remind them that the world around them matters, not only what we see in front of us, but things we don’t see every day or things we only see in pictures. Helping both in your community and helping abroad are both very important, as they strengthen people and the world around us. Humans

are humans, and if we can look past things like economic class and race, we can truly help each other, and that’s good for everyone. My father has always believed in 2 things, among many others. The power of music, and the importance of service and care for the world around us. This has been a big influence in my life, and is partly why I’m helping.



Jason is 10. He too will go door to door to sell tickets

and will go to City TV. Jason said He wants “to help the doctors who are giving their time to help others because every time he serves, he feels good."



I'm Jay. I want to help the people in West Africa fight Ebola, since I heard that in one village all the mothers contracted Ebola and past away because they were taking care of their family and loved ones. The way I

try to help is through engaging my friends and showing them that we can all do something to help - even a small act of kindness can make a difference. I came up with the name for Music Without Borders and realized that it is a very good name because there are many other groups with the same name! I will be playing a duet at the concert and hope to see you there.



My name is Johnathon and I live in Toronto. I am helping Music Without Borders to create its gaming Arcade. I have programmed video games with Ebola themes in order to raise awareness about the Ebola Crisis in W. Africa. I am also helping to fundraise and co-ordinate volunteers from my school.



The ability to feel safe and secure in your home, to know that your loved ones are safe. The ability to touch those around you - to put a hand on another’s shoulder, to give a high-five, to hug or handshake or fist-bump. All of these are things that Ebola strips away from the communities suffering from it. Ebola isolates people, separates communities, snatches loved ones away from each other. That’s why our fundraiser is so important - it connects people, both in our city and across the world, with a strength that is can be found only in music. As a student at the University to Toronto Schools, I help with the project by connecting our cause with other organizations, such as the media, politicians, and sponsors.



Hi, my name is Mary and I’m from Victoria, BC. I’m helping Music Without Borders because people need

to still be aware of the Ebola crisis even when it isn’t a breaking news story. Just because it’s slowed down doesn’t mean that there isn’t a problem anymore. We

still need to help and support everyone involved during the aftermath. I am helping by contributing to the blog and by fundraising with my junior youth group.


Ms. Michel

Music Without Borders was initiated by students with

a global vision and a deep sense of caring for people in need. By leveraging their skills in musical performance, they envisioned a wonderful evening that not only celebrates the transformative power of music, but also

of community and its potential to create change. I am honoured to support their effort.



I am Nicholas, a lively and exciting thirteen year old boy.  I go to Longfellow Middle School in McLean, Virginia, USA, and I enjoy school very much.  I have many diverse interests such as: reading, playing the piano, playing soccer, and working on projects with his friends.  My contributions in this project are accompanying my cellist-brother on the piano, and posting write-ups on the Music Without Borders blog.  I am also motivated to do this project by the fact that it will aid in relieving the suffering of many families in West Africa stricken by Ebola.  I am honored to be working alongside my friends and I hope to continue to serve and support projects which assist in making the world a better place.



Orly has been studying violin for the past 7 years (since she was 5 years old).  Orly currently studies with Elyssa Lefurgey-Smith at the Kingsway Conservatory in Toronto and is preparing for her Grade 7 examination.  Orly is also a member of the Kingsway Conservatory of Music Orchestra and the BaROK Trio.



Ryan is 12. He will be going door to door in our neighborhood to sell tickets. We are also going to go

to city TV this week after school to see if we can get someone to come to the performance and for them to advertise for it. Ryan will help out at the bake sale. He said that "he would like to be involved with this project because it gives him a sense of purpose and a way to help the suffering of others.”



Hi, my name is Sahara Kalafchi. I live in Vancouver B.C.

I decided to start helping Music Without Borders because Benn and Jay invited me to be involved with this project. After learning about it, I figured that they were doing it for a great cause so I knew I wanted to help out. With

my brother Cyrus, we created three blog videos. Through making the videos, my knowledge about the Ebola disease has broadened much more and has made me aware that anyone can help out with the world crisis’s

in different ways. I hope that we all can contribute

to help defeat Ebola.



My first name is Simon, but people call me by my middle name, Jian.   I live in McLean, Virginia, and ever since I heard of this project, I wanted to be part of it.  On March 28th, I will be performing the Goltermann Concerto No. 4 in G Major (3rd movement) at the Music Without Borders Concert.  I will play the cello and my brother will accompany me on the piano.  I am also contributing to the blog section of the web site.  I want to contribute to this project because I am supporting a good cause, and

I am doing service.  Also, in the big picture if you think about it, I am raising money to save many lives, hundreds at a time by doing this.  It is truly an honor to do something that wonderful, I can not miss my chance.  Some hobbies that I have are soccer, tennis, cello, and

I love to read good books.



I'm Sophia, a thirteen year old singer/songwriter and

I'm so excited to be participating in this wonderful fund-raiser. I’m helping out my community by using my music to communicate different messages and to inspire others. I believe that music has the ability to move people in such a way that no other languages can. I'm helping because I feel that charity doesn't just help the people being donated to, but it also helps in bringing a community together and practicing the idea of unity.

My parents have definitely had a huge influence on me by raising me in a service oriented environment and teaching me to always put others before myself. I also have an older sister who is severely disabled which has made me a much more compassionate person. I'm so grateful for this opportunity to help others because in the end; that's what counts.



I'm Teo. I have helped with many of the artistic components in this project. I helped in the design and creation of the M logo. I created the calligraphy on the program. I also contributed to the building of this website. Ebola is something that must be beat and I

hope to help in what little way I can.



Tevye has been studying piano with Tanya Tkachenko

in Toronto  for the past 9 years (since he was 5 years old).  Tevye is currently studying for his ARCT examinations.  Tevye is also a student of piano in Claude Watson Music Program at Earl Haig Secondary School. Tevye and and his sister Orly come from a tradition of music in their family starting with their grandfather, Max (Yiddish radio singer), their father (opera and Yiddish singer), and their brother Max, a professional violist of the Flux Quartet in New York.