What is the most powerful and effective way to create change? At Music Without Borders, we believe that it

is not through a single leader, but through a network

of diverse volunteers united by our interest in service.

Our network of musicians, designers, programmers, filmmakers, writers, friends and mentors spans many different communities around the world. Ultimately,

we want to show that youth can move the world

through service.



I'm Aaron, a grade 10 student at University of Toronto Schools. I'm helping with MWB this year because I've always been passionate about sharing my love for music as well as helping those in need. I helped organize MWB last year, and this year, I am helping with fundraising, providing financial advice and networking ideas to the team, as well as helping to write on the blog and contacting possible sponsors.



Hi everyone! My name is Adithya Chakravarthy and I am a Carnatic Indian Vocalist currently studying in Grade 10 at the University of Toronto Schools. For me, Music Without Borders represents a rare opportunity for me

to contribute to the global community, when I otherwise would not be able to do so. Currently, on the MWB team, I am in charge of reaching out to politicians and media stations to support the concert. I am also preforming in the actual concert with Benn so make sure to come out and support the great cause!



I went to see Music Without Borders’ first concert, where I was instantly captivated by the idea behind the cause. Music by nature soothes and restores, and planning a concert to help combat Ebola was the perform epitome of that idea. This was why I joined the team. MWB has helped me realize that to be a humanitarian doesn’t mean necessarily having to donate money or spending summer months in impoverished places, but doing whatever best you can to support a social cause. In that regard, I’m going to be reaching out to sell tickets and invite special guests to come to this year’s concert. I

hope to see you there too!



I’m Ashley, a Grade 10 student at University of Toronto Schools. I fundraise for Music Without Borders, manage social media for the organization, and organize the annual concert. I’m helping out with this event because

it celebrates the musical talents of today’s youth, while supporting and raising awareness for a great cause. I

first heard about Music Without Borders as a musician and performer; not only does MWB support local musicians as well as the broader global community -

it is a testament to how music can inspire and help the world. Music is a universal language, shared and spoken throughout the world - without borders. Medicine is similar, there can be no limits as to who it is shared with; Doctors Without Borders’ commitment to this concept inspires the future generations to be global citizens through service.


Bakudan Taiko

Bakudan Taiko is the University of Toronto Schools'

very own Taiko group, led by students and coached by alumnus Anthony Lee '86. Students get together on a weekly basis to learn about the art of Japanese drumming and to meet others who have the same dedication and interest in music. Bakudan Taiko regularly performs at

in-school and out-of-school events, and has even been awarded first place with a platinum standing at the Kiwanis Music Festival in both 2013 and 2015.



I first heard about MSF’s work in September 2014, during the West Africa Ebola crisis. The idea of Music Without Borders came when my piano teacher suggested my brother, Jay, and I do a piano recital. We asked our friends for help and the concert began to slowly take shape. Because it was such a great success, we all decided to do the campaign again! This year, we’ve been exploring the idea of humanitarianism through the blog and at the concert. In fact, the keynote address of this year’s concert at my school, UTS, will be about why youth should be humanitarians. Throughout the project, I’ve been planning and organizing various parts of the concert and campaign. I’ll also be playing piano at

the concert. See you there!



Cale has worked as the graphic designer for Music Without Borders for the last two years. They used to live in Toronto but moved to Cambridge MA, and is a tenth grader at the Cambridge School of Weston. Cale finds MWB inspiring for two reasons—it supports talented young musicians and also helps people around the world.


Carter Brodkorb Quartet

Carter Brodkorb has been an up and coming young force on the Toronto jazz scene. Having studied piano for 14 years and composition for 8, he is currently preparing to pursue an undergraduate degree in jazz studies and a career in music. He has accomplished much as a young band leader with performances at the Toronto, Markham and Orillia Jazz Festivals as well as performing at the Jazz Educators’ Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. He has many different bands performing in many venues across the country. The conglomerate performing at the Music Without Borders Concert is a project of Carter's that has been together with various members for about 3 years.

It is comprised of Carter Brodkorb on Piano, Brandon Tse on Alto Saxophone, Patrick Nabuurs on Bass, and Keith Barstow on Drums.



Since 2009, 15-year-old Torontonian Coco Ma, student of Dr. Michael Berkovsky at the Taylor Academy at the Royal Conservatory of Music, has performed in concert halls around the globe including Carnegie Hall, Steinway Hall, Roy Thomson Hall and Koerner Hall. Coco won 1st place at the Canadian Music Competition (2009 & 2012), was one of the top prize winners at the Mozart International Competition in partnership with the Mozarteum University in Salzburg, and was one of the top prize winners at the 2014 Canadian Chopin Competition.

She has performed numerous times with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, and has performed alongside internationally acclaimed musicians including Emanuel Ax, Lang Lang, James Ehnes, Chilly Gonzales, and others.



David is a studying musician living in Kitchener, Ontario. Born into a musical family of South Koreans, he was able to access a wide array of music from an early age. He plays the guitar, sitar and writes his own songs, working on communication through composition.


Donna O.

Hi, My name is Donna and I am from Toronto. I am currently 15 years old and I am a student at the University of Toronto Schools. I am also a cellist at the Toronto Symphony Youth Orchestra. I have been playing cello since I was 4 years old and I currently studying under Paul Widner, who is the assistant principal cellist of the Canadian Opera Company. So, this year I am one of the organizers of Music Without Borders and I will also be performing at the concert with two of the members in the Toronto Symphony Youth Orchestra. I hope to help this year by writing letters to politicians and companies to raise awareness. Get excited!


Donna X.

Hi there! My name is Donna and I am a Grade 10 student from University of Toronto Schools. I am so glad to be a part of the Music Without Borders team, as its campaign is really important. Music is a big part of life in many ways. I play the violin and love singing in the shower—

as I’m sure many people do but don’t admit to. Music

is a universal language that spreads creativity and expresses individuality. The Music Without Borders concert is an amazing event that helps support Doctors Without Borders, an organization I find very meaningful and impactful. I can’t wait for the 2016 MWB concert!



Music Without Borders showcases the power of today’s youth – once we put our minds to it, we will change the world. Prior to last year’s concert, I was completely unaware of the power inside all of us; Music Without Borders opened my eyes and gave me a way to fulfill

my desire to improve humanity. Whenever I do work

for Music Without Borders, whether it’s a blog post or planning an event, my heart grows a little bit larger, knowing that my work, regardless of its significance,

is helping make the world a better place.



Hi, my name is Flora and I am part of the media outreach team and I am helping to fundraise in Music Without Borders. I heard about the event through my friends,

and decided to join this year. Music Without Borders combines two of my passions: music and humanitarianism. In my free time, I love listening to music, playing the piano and the violin. Being a humanitarian means actively participating or showing interest in aiding global efforts to improve living conditions. As someone who is interested in world issues, I thought it would be a great opportunity to contribute to Music Without Borders.



Jason Zhou is currently studying in grade twelve at the University of Toronto Schools. As a lifelong piano player, he has obtained his Associate of the Royal Conservatory of Music, and has been playing percussion for six years. Jason is an avid electronic music composer-producer, and enjoys sound design and synthesis in his free time. He supports upcoming electronic artists through his music network, which recently became an official partner of Youtube's The District and surpassed 5000 subscribers. Jason wishes to pursue biomedical engineering as well as music in university.



My name is Johnathon and I love helping other people, music, and technology. I first heard about Music Without Borders from my friend Jay last year I was very interested in the idea of youth helping the world. For MWB I am doing a lot of behind the scenes work, including organizing the volunteers from BVG (announcements and hot chocolate), selling tickets at the door, getting donations, recording and editing.



My name is Katherine, and I am so excited to be involved with Music without Borders this year! As part of the team, I will be coordinating media and politician outreach. Being a part of MWB is extremely important

to me because of the positive change our contributions make on the lives of those in need. Through the power

of music, we strive to empower youth across the community to help people across the globe. Although our concert may only be one day, the impact of our efforts is unimaginable - and that is why I am so proud

to be a part of Music Without Borders 2016.



Lauren is a grade 10 student at St. Clement’s School. She is excited to play in a piano quartet for the Music Without Borders concert. She has been playing the piano since she was 4 years old, studies with Tanya Tkachenko, and plans to take her ARCT examination later this year. Lauren believes that MSF is an important organization,

as it addresses many health concerns around the world.


The Lenz Ensemble

The Lenz Ensemble consists of Sophia Lenz, Jackson

Lenz, Harrison Lenz and their father, Jack Lenz. Sophia

is a singer/songwriter who is in Grade 9 at BVG. Thank goodness there's a girl in the group. Jackson Lenz is a trumpet player and singer who plays in a multitude of bands at BVG and is the Head of Arts during his last year at BVG. Harrison Lenz is a singer/songwriter, bassist, guitarist and film composer who studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston and also graduated from BVG. jack Lenz is a composer and pianist who writes songs like "OK Blue Jays" and has scored multiple films and television series.



Marcel is a grade 10 student at University of Toronto Schools. Some of his interests include programming, working with technology, visual arts and finances, but in general, he’s always curious and loves learning. Last year he managed the Music Without Border finances and website hosting, and continues to help in all aspects

of the project.



My name is Mary and I am currently in grade twelve.

I love to cook, spend time with my pets, advocate for animal rights. I started studying piano at the age of four with Ms. Tanya Tkachenko and since then, music has been a strong passion of mine. Right now, I am working towards attaining my ARCT in June 2016 and hope to one day study music at the University of Toronto.



Hi! I'm Mio and I'm helping out with MWB because I'm passionate about music and love that common love for music by everyone can help make a great difference in other people's lives who really need it. I'm helping to plan the event so it's an amazing success, and the blog which you can check out at To me, being a humanitarian means doing what you yourself can do, big or small, to help improve the lives of others who struggle more than you to live a happy life. Hope you can come out to the concert on April 2!


Northern Saxophone Quartet

The Northern Secondary School Saxophone Quartet performs at community functions and events and at school and chamber concerts. This year received a Gold standing and placed first in the Kiwanis Music Festival. They enjoy playing a variety of different styles and genres of music and are excited to perform at this prestigious concert.


Red Rhythm

Red Rhythm is an intertribal group of all Nations; young women and girls ranging in age from 7-50. This group is known for its diversity and inclusivity. The group is constantly growing and changing as we allow new members to join at any time and old members to move on when they are called to. We are passionate about sharing, honouring, and celebrating our culture and heritage at our school, in our community, and the people generous enough to invite us into their communities. We are all teachers in our own right and have much to learn from each other; we are equals. Our leader, Aqua Nibii Waawaaskone began this group 5 years ago, the group has only gained more support as the community begins to honour our female drummers just as much as our male drummers.



Sambea Cochrane is in Grade 9 at St. Clement’s School. She has performed in many of Toronto’s major venues–Massey Hall, Roy Thompson Hall, and toured in Eastern Europe and Russia with the Toronto Children’s Chorus.

In addition, she has written, performed and recorded many original songs–her latest single is now available on iTunes and a full length album will be released in May. She is proud to lend a hand (and voice) to the song “La Musique Sans Frontieres” in an effort to promote the wonderful work that MSF does.



Shreya is a twelfth grade student at University of Toronto Schools. She has been playing piano for twelve years, violin for eight years, and viola for three years. She is working for her Associate of the Royal Conservatory of Music and is currently a violist at the Toronto Symphony Youth Orchestra. Shreya has been composing since the age of five and won platinum for her string orchestra score and solo piano work at this year’s Kiwanis Music Festival. She hopes to pursue a double degree in composition and neuroscience at university.


UTS Stage Band

UTS Stage Band consists of 45 junior and senior students who love to play jazz in all its forms. The group rehearses every Friday morning, and is directed by Judith Kay. The Band is honoured to be a part of this special event.